Fully Gold International Holdings Limited founded in 2004 in Shenzhen China.  We specializing in the non-standard parts of production and R&D. With 13 years of persistent growth, we has now become the world's famous non-standard product of manufacturer, our customer mainly from Europe ,North America and Asian Marketing.


We mainly supply products included : Print Circuit Boards (FR4, FPC, Rigid-Flex., Aluminium base, other) ; LCD & LCM ; Die-casting Parts ; Plastic Parts ; Metal Parts ; Magnetic Parts , Tooling Parts , Wire ASM ; FR4 Spacer(Bobbin) ; EMC and EMI Filters ; Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) .......


Order Quantity : No any MOQ, even 1pcs, but we need the initial costs(Non-Recurring Engineering).  


Lead time : The lead time is counted Monday - Sunday, 24 hours running.


Our goal :  Small-lot + Superior difficulty + High added value + Best quality + Various products + Fast Delivery.


Company Culture : You only need release an order to us, other things let us do it !


Right Here! Right Now! Action!  With Fully Gold's, you know you can count on the excellence and superiority of our products every time. We believe that with our rich experience and 24 hours excellent service by specific sales team, our prompt attention, guarantee of satisfaction and competitive pricing will make us your first choice.  Please send email to our marketing representative or sales@fullygold.com  immediately, Thank you very much !!! 



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