A non-standard parts specialist !
               Because you like us, so we can do better !
Why did you needs to select us ? perhaps we are professional and specialize
    in non-standard parts more than 10 years, 
     we can help you to save purchase costs, and save
      your leadtime, and avoid any important
          quality issue happen, and more......
 "We have learned that earning business and keeping business is based on

three fundamental characteristics - Credibility, Quality, and Integrity". 

The Power of Partnership !
------ We always do it !
 "We have special bargaining way only for you" !!!
         If you have already target price on hand, or you want to get a cheaper price,
      you can contact us, so long as you use our service one time,
    ------ so you will keep in touch with us always.
  Germany Quality  
"No Best, Only Better" !!!
         With superior technical capabilities we are well equipped to handle unique client needs.
          We excel in providing you with superior non-standard parts to meet your exact requirement.
------ Always firmly with the highest quality products.
 "On Time Delivery Goods" !!!
 We are always use the top internation professional of express company
    help us to delivery all goods, so we can ensure delivery all goods
on time and credibility

                If you have also need for mass-production shippment, so we can also arrange use "Air transportation"                          or Sea transportation", if you have any additional needs,  ------ please send email to us.

 "Professional Team" !!!
   Our manager team and technology engineer are still working on exploring and discovering
 new management methods to better control the cost and quality. 
------- The management experience on average more than 15 years.
 "We always focus on our best fields" !!! 
The non-standard parts service is our focus target always,
  if you hope to look for a professional team and rich experience of business partner,
------ that is us.
   "Win - Win" !!!
                Our common interests goals can only be reached if we can "good communication",
                "mutual support", "mutual understanding and accepting", so we must can
 build a solid business relationship.
"We always have the courage to take responsibility" !!!
    May you worries that delivery time is on time ? Their product quality is very well ?
       Price is competitive power ? Don't worry about these if you selected us, 
 because of our missions are Accurate delivery timeBest qualityCompetitive price, ABC for short.
Our Connaught
1).  If you have any worries from quality and others, so we can accept COD of 5 days to payment ;
2). If you have any quality complaint and rejection of goods, we can agree replacement new goods to you ;
3). If you have pay the urgent fee, but we have not delivery the goods on time, so we will return all urgent fee to you ;

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